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A Bit Hippy NEW! Moon Meditation Pack

Radiant Skin begins within, so set the mood to unwind your soul and allow for true transformation from the inside out with the ultimate self-care package! 

Each pack Includes:

Ceramic Oil Burner, Candle and our Signature De-Stress Oil Blend 1ml

  • Instil a relaxing ambience by lighting your candle and adding a couple of drops of our signature blend to your ceramic burner. Allow the soothing scents to relieve tension, ease emotional stress and encourage a feeling of well-being and tranquillity.

2020 Lunar Calendar

  • Take a deep breath and give yourself permission to meditate and reflect with no distractions. Release your thoughts and set new intentions for the month ahead, whilst drawing upon the energising capabilities that arise with each lunar phase.  

Restoring Night Cream 100g

  • Sleep peacefully while a potent blend of active ingredients work to resurface, plump and visibly firm the skin to provide a velvety-soft, radiant complexion. 
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